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01253 790282
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Early Birds Breakfast Club

7:50am* – 8:45am

The Early Birds staff are knowledgeable and qualified. They are members of our school staff so know the children well and are all committed to providing a safe and supportive environment. We keep our staff team consistent to provide a stable environment for the children.

The Early Birds Club will run on all days that the school is in session. The Club will not run on Teacher Inset days, Bank Holidays or in School Holidays.   

We strive to present a variety of fun activities and offer the children freedom to choose the ones that personally interest them. Our programme mixes structured activities with lots of free play time. The activities will take place inside and outside, depending on the weather. We want the children to view the Early Birds Club as a great place to be and to settle in ready for the school day.

*Additional care is provided from 7:30am on request. There is an additional charge of £1.50 per child.



We supply cereal, toast, fruit and a drink of milk or water. Please be sure to note any dietary needs of your child on the booking form.

Parent Involvement 

We welcome any comments you might have at any time to help us to improve our provision. If you have a complaint, please make the supervisors of the session aware of this. If you are not satisfied with the response or if you have any further queries you must contact the School’s Head Teacher.


We strive to establish a positive atmosphere of mutual respect where children and staff feel valued and secure. Although the club is not ‘school’ the school rules still apply. Good Behavior and effort will be expected, promoted, valued and celebrated. Courteousness, kindness, honesty, and respecting each other and the school environment are all examples of values we will celebrate.

Session Costs

The cost for one session is £3.50 (£3.00 for siblings) and we ask for this to be paid weekly in advance. If your child attends on the day as a one off we ask for the payment to be brought on the day in a named envelope. Any payments that have not been received will incur an extra 50p charge.


See all our policies relating to After school Club before making your bookings.

Pre-booking forms are available under the online section on this website. They are also available from the Office and the Club Supervisors. Weekly invoices will be sent out in advance. This will enable you to pay online by card. Please send any other payments into school office in a named envelope.

Booking may also be requested via email or by telephone :01253 790282. 

Cheque to be made payable to Lancashire County Council.
(We also accept childcare vouchers).

Please click below to download our Booking Forms.