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PE and Sport Premium 2018 - 19

Purchase offer from Fylde and Wyre Sports Partnership

Key indicators 1 -5


Access a very wide range of coaching opportunities, Out of school provisions and competitions. These competitions will cover a wide range of abilities including those who may not be high ability or ‘sporty’ children. Give a large number of children a range of opportunities to participate and compete.

£6000 (Approx.)

VM to monitor provision and report to the GB. Extra curricular registers taken –numbers of children coming to clubs. Staff improvement and confidence to be carried out through a questionnaire. Both these points can be monitored such as percentage of children at clubs and percentage of staff confidence.

All children will have access to the very wide provision offered by FWSSPStaff will be upskilled and develop a network

Widen the provision of health focussed activitiesthat are accessed by all children at all levels of fitness and ability

Key Indicator 1

SG, VM, CW and staff

Offer provision for more health-related clubs at breaks, lunch times and before school.

This will be impacted through attendance registers, daily mile, PE engagement and change 4 life resources.

Appoint a Sports Apprentice to work with all children however actively target the children who do not regularly access clubs. Find sports activities that they can attend and continue to provide opportunities for all children to access clubs.

Sports Apprentice – £6,000

Staff release cost £600 for mentor VM to meet with SG

VM will informally meet with SG weekly and formally half termly

The PE Co-ordinator (VM) and SG will have continual dialogue about what provision is working in school. Together they will track children who are under confident in sports and develop opportunities for these children to develop sporting skills. SG will do a case study of a specific child and track them through the year.

Children who enjoy sports will have access to a wider range of opportunities

Improve the quality of teaching & learning in P.E

Key indicator 2 & 3

VM and SG

VM and SG will work alongside staff to develop teaching. Each half term a staff member will develop their PE teaching skills and confidence through a lesson observation and feedback.

Sports Apprentice (as above)

Staff release £600

VM will keep notes on lesson observations and improvements in teaching will be noted. This could be done through a staff audit too.

Existing staff who lack confidence and training will develop skills etc. and lessons will be of a high quality. A passion for P.E will be increased within staff as will subject knowledge of the subject including assessment.

Improve access to competitions

Key Indicator 5

VM, SG and staff

Children will actively attend 10 competitions with a wide variety. There will be opportunities for Year 6 children to be team managers to develop leadership skills.

10 staff release days (£2000)

10 mini buses (£2000)

Success in competition measured by increase in performance. It will also be monitored by offering a range of competitions to children who may not have the chance to go and compete and these with less physical ability.

Children of a range of abilities will attend a range of different competitions.

Staff will be safely equipped to take children to competitions

All staff

Staff will be trained in Paediatric 1st Aid this will be covered by the school budget however some VM,SG and KS2 staff will also need training. PE budget to pay for release time for them to attend.

2×4 release days = £800

No child will be excluded for medical reasons

All children can safely attend competitions including those with specific medical conditions such as nut allergy, epilepsy etc.

Improve sports equipment - replace and improve


Purchase and replace necessary equipment throughout the year.


SG will audit the equipment and keep track SG will report to VM

Equipment will be maintained, and children will have access to high quality resources.