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Letter to parents from the SEND Governor

March 2018

  • SEND Co-Ordinator: Mrs Cathy Wigley
  • PASTORAL GOVERNOR: Mrs Gaynor Phillpotts

Dear Parents,

We continue to support the various needs of every learner in our school, including the relatively small number of pupils with identified additional needs.

In order to better assess our school’s commitment to Special Educational Needs and Disabilities, I encourage you to log onto the school website to read the SEND policy and Local Offer that reflects our current SEND provision.

There are 10 children identified as having a SEN, which is approximately 10% of children on roll.

The results from the recent reading and maths teacher assessments alongside PIVATS* assessments shows that intervention has had a positive impact in the school. All of the children who are currently receiving SEN support have made progress (although some may not yet be working within National Expectations). All pupils are meeting the individual targets set out in their Individual Education Plans. We know this as three times per year the progress of children with SEN is reviewed and new IEP targets are set for the next term. A greater emphasis of the use of pupil voice has been developed this year and all pupils that have accessed interventions feel much more confident in all areas that have been targeted and report a greater level of self-esteem.

Parents are also informed of any intervention programmes their child is participating in and progress is reported regularly at Parent/Teacher Meetings alongside additional meetings with the school SEN Co- Mrs Cathy Wigley

Quality First Teaching for all pupils, including those with SEN, is foremost what class teachers focus on and strategies and resources in class are continually developed in order to ensure an inclusive learning environment and pupils with SEN are making good progress.. A ‘plan, do review’ approach is utilised in order to ensure any gaps in learning are targeted, ensuring firm foundations for future learning.

The school SENCO has attended a variety of SEND training sessions, including regular SENCO training events and has organised further staff training in the school focussing on specific learning difficulties.

Staff members have been trained in COG MED, Speed Up, Autism awareness, scotopic sensitivity/Irlen Syndrome, Fischer Family Trust Wave 3 Interventions, Epilepsy awareness, Asthma awareness and Epi pen training.

All teaching assistants work with individual pupils or a small group of pupils, following a variety of intervention programmes. Not all pupils are on the SEN Register but have been identified as needing additional support in specific areas. Teaching assistants have attended a variety of training courses in order to develop their knowledge and skills.

The school accesses a range of extra SEN provision and specialists such as pupil counsellors, speech and language therapists and autism experts.

We at Pilling St John’s CE Primary School are committed to making our best endeavours to meet the special educational needs of pupils and ensuring that they achieve the best possible educational and other outcomes.

Priorities for next year:

  • The school will continue to use quantitative data in order to check the progress of interventions.
  • The school will begin to develop more qualitative methods to gather evidence on the impact of interventions, such as pupil feedback, teacher/staff feedback, parental feedback questionnaires and impact in other curriculum areas.

Any parent who has concerns or queries about Special Educational Needs issues are invited to meet with Mrs Wigley and the Class Teacher.

Gaynor Phillpotts

SEND Governor