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01253 790282
School Office

Pilling St John’s CE Primary School

Gritting Policy

September 2018

At Pilling St John’s, it is not practical to grit the entire site, but as part of the Gritting Policy safe routes have been identified and communicated to staff, pupils and parents.

Identified Routes

  • The path along the trees at the front of school will be gritted.
  • Grit will be scattered across the children’s zebra crossing along the side of school and up the ramp into school
  • Children will be expected to enter school via the front door in the event of extreme ice/snow.

The Site Supervisor arrives at 7 am each morning and in extreme conditions is assisted by other members of staff if necessary. It is the Site Supervisor’s responsibility to monitor grit / salt supplies and to inform the Office in advance if more grit is needed.

In the Site Supervisor’s absence, the Headteacher will delegate staff to help her administer grit.

At break times a decision as to whether children are to be allowed outside will be made by the HT / DHT in consultation with the members of staff on duty and / or Senior Lunchtime Supervisor.

In extreme conditions it may be necessary to close the main drive to all vehicles before, during and after school.

In extreme cases the Headteacher may decide that there is no option but to close the school if there is a severe health and safety risk. After this decision the Chair of Governors and parents will be contacted via text.

In order to ensure this policy is effective the following needs to be considered:

  • Good communication is essential.
  • Parents / carers will receive a copy of specific instructions during the autumn and winter months via newsletters and the website.
  • Children will have the processes explained to them in the classroom / assemblies.
  • It is expected that parents adhere to these instructions and pass all relevant information to friends & relatives who may also come to school.
  • The school will use Parentmail to communicate with parents / carers.
  • Parents are asked to be responsible and plan more time for their journey, provide suitable footwear for children and warm clothing
  • Parents should not expect to be able to park close to the school at these times and as similarly, as in all weathers, parents are asked to park safely and with consideration to our neighbours.
  • Parents and visitors are expected to use the gritted areas and paths rather than walk across the snow and ice.

The school will only make an announcement IF the school is closed.

If the school remains open pupils are expected to attend if parents / carers judge it safe to do so.