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Impact of sports premium 2017-18


Our vision at St John’s is that all children will enjoy and develop positive attitudes

to Physical Education and sport. Through Physical Education and sport, we aim to:

  • Improve fitness, health and wellbeing
  • Allow each child to fulfil their potential.

Our school will receive £8200 Sport premium Funding between 2017 and 2018 and we intend to spend it in the following ways;

  • Further invest in existing and new staff training in teaching PE and Games
  • Invest in wider training to support health and wellbeing (eg yoga)
  • Invest in better resources indoors and outdoors and develop more accessible

sports provision at playtimes to develop a culture of active lives

  • Attend competitions

The impact of last year’s Sports Premium Funding was that

–    Staff were trained in the teaching of PE and Games and lessons were of a good quality. Children accessed well taught lessons and developed better skills.

–     Health and well being had a much higher focus in school last year and it was

more widely recognised that opportunities for relaxation and promoting

well being had an impact on performance and behaviour.

–     Children accessed a range of sporting competitions which saw an increase

in resilience and ability to deal with disappointment. Children were increasingly able to translate this experience to deal with academic disappointment and develop stamina to rise to challenge.