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Precision Teaching Policy

Pilling St John’s CE Primary school uses precision teaching to embed learning for particular children.


Precision teaching is based upon applied behaviour analysis. It aims to precisely define the set of target behaviours and to increase their rate through reinforcement. It is usually applied after the acquisition phase of learning, when fluency is needed to gain mastery. The rates of behaviour are charted on a standard chart. 

Some misconceptions: 

1. It is NOT rote learning: it is a system for measuring the rate of behaviours. These rates of behaviour could be responding to questions where the questions are always different. It could be in the application of a math problem. 

2. It is not just a system where students sit down and work at a table. Precision teaching has been applied in many areas, including business to improve performance.

Putting the policy into practice

Staff are recommended to use probes as on the link below.

This approach cannot practically be applied to the whole class but may work for small groups.

Probes can be used to embed

  • Graphemes
  • Key words
  • Number facts

It is recommended children are timed and they try and beat a specific time, usually one minute. Staff are clear from the outset what they want children to achieve and they track success in a file or book.

Once children are proficient in recognising key words fluency can be further developed by using the attached 200 Words System.

Children are encouraged to read the words as fast as they can within 1 minute. Each day they build on this and try and increase their score until they can consistently read the words within one minute.


Staff may wish to modify this approach for number facts.